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    • Ashford Student Drop Spindle


      A great student top whorl spindle with a fixed whorl and screw hook. – take wherever you go – affordable – solid Silver beech hardwood

    • Ashford Sliding Hook Flyer 90mm Bobbin


      Sliding hook flyer bobbin single drive.  Compatible with sliding hook flyer, Joy sliding hook flyer and Kiwi sliding hook flyer single drive. finish natural, lacquered bobbin capacity 130g (4-5oz) compatibility – traditional – traveller – joy 2 – kiwi 2 – kiwi 3 only if using a sliding hook flyer Sliding hook flyer bobbin double drive.  Compatible with sliding hook…

    • Ashford Niddy Noddy – Jumbo


       Now you can make huge 2m (79ins) skeins over 1kg The perfect accessory to skein your art yarn.  Allows you to make huge skeins. Specially shaped crossbars allow the skein (hank) of yarn to slide off easily when made. Features Portable Affordable Easy to dismantle for storage or transportation Solid Silver Beech hardwood finish natural skein length 2m (78″)

    • Ashford High Speed Double Drive Bobbin


      Double drive bobbin.  Compatible with double drive flyer. finish natural, lacquered bobbin capacity 100g (3-4oz) compatibility – elizabeth 2 – traditional (double drive) – traveller (double drive)

    • Ashford Jumbo Double Drive Bobbin


      Jumbo bobbin double drive. Compatible with sliding hook flyer jumbo double drive. finish natural, lacquered bobbin capacity 225g (8oz) compatibility – traditional (double drive) – traveller (double drive) – elizabeth 2 if using jumbo flyer

    • Ashford Double Drive Bobbin


      Double drive bobbin.  Compatible with double drive flyer.   finish natural, lacquered bobbin capacity 100g (3-4oz) compatibility – elizabeth 2 – traditional (double drive) – traveller (double drive

    • Ashford Jumbo Bobbin


      Jumbo bobbin single drive.  Compatible with basic jumbo flyer, sliding hook flyer jumbo, Joy freedom flyer and e-Spinner 2 or 3.   finish natural, lacquered bobbin capacity 225g (8oz) compatibility – traditional – traveller – joy 2 with freedom flyer – e-spinner if using single drive jumbo flyer Finish: natural or lacquered 

    • Ashford Tensioned Lazy Kate


      Control your bobbins when plying with the adjustable brake tension. Smooth stainless steel yarn guide to prevent your yarn from tangling. Suitable for single & double drive standard and jumbo bobbins. Bobbins are quick and easy to change. Stainless steel bobbin pins are removable for storage and transport. Four rubber feet prevent slipping or tipping. Convenient carry handle. Made from…

    • Ashford Lazy Kate Upright


      Vertical lazy kate. Holds 3 bobbins (bobbins not included) Made from beautiful silver beech hard wood.

    • E-Spinner 3 12v Cigarette Cord


      Now you can spin on your e-spinner anywhere. Use this handy optional accessory to power your e-spinner when in your car, caravan, RV, boat or with a battery pack. Simply plug it into the cigarette lighter outlet. The cord is 2.5m (8ft) long which is ideal for spinning away from your power source. compatibility – e-spinner 2 – e-spinner 3 –…

    • Ashford Lazy Kate Super Jumbo


      The kit includes upright Lazy Kate with convenient adjustable angle and two Super Jumbo bobbins (Country Spinner Bobbins). Steel uprights store in base when not in use, Lacquered finish. Suitable for use with the e-Spinner Super Jumbo and the Country Spinner 2. finish lacquered included accessories – 2 huge country spinner bobbins lacquered compatibility – e-spinner super jumbo – country…

    • Ashford Spinning Wheel Maintenance Kit


      Keep you spinning wheel well maintained and it will last a lifetime! The kit includes 15ml (½ fl ozs) special lubricating oil (non-staining), threading hook, tension spring, flyer hooks, leather conrod connector and clip, brake and drive bands. lubricating oil 15ml threading hook tension spring 12 x flyer hooks leather conrod connector and clip brake and drive bands

    • Fibre Scour 500ml


      Fibre Scour has increased grease dispersing properties which removes the heavy lanolin grease in newly shorn wool. Fibre Scour is also suitable for alpaca & mohair giving clean fleece with bright colour. Fibre Scour leaves the fleece soft and clean, ready for spinning.

    • Ashford Wooden Umbrella Swift


      Attractive wooden skeiner. Clamps to table and easily adjusted to hold a wide range of skeins ready for winding onto shuttles or into cakes with a yarn winder. Smooth and quick rotation. Holds up to 1.85m skeins. * This item will be shipped directly from Ashford via DHL arriving within 3-5 days.

    • Ashford Yarn Gauge


      To calculate the tension or gauge of your yarn use this simple tool. Wrap the yarn in either the 25 or 12.5mm (1-1/2in) slot and count the number of wraps. Made from lacquered Silver Beech hardwood. Comes complete with leather loop and wrap/gauge table.

    • Ashford e-Spinner Super Jumbo


      The e-Spinner Super Jumbo combines all the best features of the Country Spinner 2 and the e-Spinner 3 in a super size, portable electronic spinner! It has the huge flyer and bobbin of the Country Spinner 2 and the power, versatility and portability of the e-Spinner 3 – what more could you want? Spin all types of yarn – fine…

    • Ashford Finishing Wax Polish


      preserve, protect and enhance wheels, looms and all your craft accessories with this quick and easy to apply environmentally-friendly, low gloss finishing wax polish. Made from beeswax and tree oils, it is ideal for new natural timber or rejuvenating and restoring loved and lacquered products. Apply with a soft rag, steel wool or Scotchbrite, then buff to a deep rich…

    • Spinner’s Book of Yarn Designs : The Techniques for Creating 80 Yarns


      Every good knitting project begins with great yarn. In the quest for one-of-a-kind fibres, many knitters and weavers have discovered the deep satisfaction of spinning one’s own. An art in itself, spinning requires an array of basic technical skills and decisions to produce a particular style of yarn. While knitters have long had stitch dictionaries to guide their hands, no…

    • Ashford Niddy Noddy – 1.5m Skein


      The niddy noddy is a very useful accessory for winding yarn from the spinning wheel bobbin and creating a 1.5m (5ft) skein. Made from turned Silver Beech hard wood the specially shaped crossbars allow the skein (hank) of yarn to slide off easily when made. Or turn a ball of yarn into a skein. It is easy to dismantle for…

    • Ashford E-Spinner 3


      The e-Spinner 3 is the smallest, lightest and most versatile electronic spinner ever. Take it with you, wherever you go. Quick and easy bobbin change with snap-in flyer bearing. Convenient spinning and plying with a sliding hook flyer, frictionless yarn guides, 15mm (5/8in) orifice and reducer bush. The e-Spinner 3 has a quiet but powerful 12 volt DC 2.0 amp…

    • Ashford Standard Bobbin


      Bobbin capacity: 100g Compatibility: – Traditional (single drive) – Traveller (single drive) – Joy (single drive) – Joy 2 (single drive) – Kiwi (single drive) – Kiwi 2 (single drive) – e-Spinner (single drive) Finish: natural or lacquered 

    • Ashford Elizabeth 2 Spinning Wheel


      Fairytale wheel This beautifully crafted wheel now has a large 61cm wheel with 12 spokes mounted on ball bearings for smooth effortless spinning. Horizontal adjustment of the maiden bar allows perfect alignment with the 3 speed whorl. The maiden bar clamps to the base to eliminate vibration. This Double drive wheel produces a fine, firm-twist yarn particularly suited for fine…

    • Ashford Country Spinner 2


      For big yarns This is a specialist wheel designed to spin extra bulky yarn used in rug weaving and chunky knitting or for plying bulk quantities. The orifice is extra large. The ball bearings and double treadle allows for an easy start and treadling. The slow drive ratios and sensitive leather flyer brake system are ideal for creating unique novelty…

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