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Homewares Patterns

    • Big Book Of Small Projects #2


      This book has over 70 options for small projects. The designs are in Patons merino totem DK, bluebell merino 5 ply, dreamtime 3 ply & 4 ply.  

    • Creative Crafting Book 362


      16 designs to knit and crochet Including 7 cushions Crochet apron, necklaces, shopping bag, throw rugs and much more. Get colourful this summer!

    • Creative Family & Home Knit & Crochet


      8 designs to knit or crochet for you and your home.

    • Crochet Club Book 364


      12 crochet patterns

    • Heirloom Lavish Crochet Home


      Add a touch of opulence to your home with these cushions and throw in luxurious arcadia 8 ply yarn.

    • Hooked Storage Bag Zpagetti Crochet Pattern

      42.9% $1.50$2.00 Original price was: $3.50.Current price is: $2.00.

      Fun and simple crochet pattern of the populair storage bag. Stow away your excess items in this hanging basket. Download this free pattern and get started right away. You only crochet hook 12 mm and 1 bobbin of Hoooked Zpagetti yarn. This Hoooked pattern is a complete download file with text and illustrations in the languages Dutch, German and English.…

    • Hoooked Crochet Mandala Rug Pattern

      55.6% $2.50$2.00 Original price was: $4.50.Current price is: $2.00.

      Crochet this rug with Hoooked RibbonXL! Mandala is a word from Sanskrit; a language from ancient India and means wheel or circle. A mandala consists of a base circle which is usually filled with geometric figures, shapes, lines, symbols and colors. This mandala is suitable for the crochet novice with some basic experience . For this Mandala Rug Design you…

    • Hoooked Crochet Palermo Bag Pattern

      42.9% $1.50$2.00 Original price was: $3.50.Current price is: $2.00.

      Crochet this Zpagetti Bag with Sicilian style. The crochet texture seems very elaborate but the trick is very simple. The handles give the bag a luxurious and fashionable look. You will receive a PDF file with step by step instructions.This Hoooked pattern is a complete download file with text and illustrations in the languages Dutch and German.

    • Hoooked Crochet Pattern Ribbon XL Rug

      42.9% $1.50$2.00 Original price was: $3.50.Current price is: $2.00.

      This pattern design and info is from “MaritParit” a well-known Norwegian blogger and crochet designer with a massive following on Instagram. Marit shares her inspiration from a small Island, just outside Ålesund, Norway. In Marits designs one can feel the sea breeze and the inspiration that comes from living on the coast. You will need 6 bobbins of RibbonXL and…

    • Hoooked Crochet Pattern Tuvalu Cushion

      49.4% $1.95$2.00 Original price was: $3.95.Current price is: $2.00.

      Our favourite items to create a cosy interior are cushions. Knitted or crocheted are even better and cosier! This soft crochet cushion looks trendy on your couch or comfy chair. The cushion is made with Somen, a luxurious blend of recycled cotton and natural linen. You can mix and match with colours and choose your favourite colour combination. This way…

    • Hoooked Crochet Pattern XXL Lounge Chair Zpagetti

      42.9% $1.50$2.00 Original price was: $3.50.Current price is: $2.00.

      XXL Loungechair Pastel Rainbow This chair was made for the annual trade show in Cologne and turned out to be one of our all-time favourite showpieces. Although this relax chair looks quite impressive, it is relatively easy to make. Making this lounge chair, just takes some time and perseverance, as it is made of 3 large pieces sewn together. The…

    • Hoooked Crochet Round Rug Ribbon XL Pattern

      42.9% $1.50$2.00 Original price was: $3.50.Current price is: $2.00.

      With Ribbon XL you easily make a super soft and bulky creation and the good news is: the work is done in no time at all. And very practical for busy families: you can just wash your creation with soft soap in the washing machine. This pattern is for a rug of 85 cm and uses up to 3 bobbin…

    • Hoooked Crochet Round Rug Zpagetti Pattern

      42.9% $1.50$2.00 Original price was: $3.50.Current price is: $2.00.

      DIY and crochet a bulky round rug with Zpagetti yourself! The size of the rug is about 115-120 cm. What you need to make this crochet rug yourself: – 4 bobbins Zpagetti a 120m each – Hoooked crochet hook 12 mm This Hoooked pattern is a complete download file with text and illustrations in the languages Dutch, German, English und…

    • Hoooked Crochet Stool Ribbon XL Pattern

      42.9% $1.50$2.00 Original price was: $3.50.Current price is: $2.00.

      This easy-to-make cover adds flair to your old footstool ans is a perfect project for a novice crocheter. You will learn how to make a ring and increase ‘in the round’. Since we used a bulky yarn the project can easily be finished in one evening. The cover can be machine washed in warm water. This Hoooked pattern is a…

    • Hoooked Jute Crochet Basket Pattern

      49.4% $1.95$2.00 Original price was: $3.95.Current price is: $2.00.

      We’re going for green and nature! This sturdy basket with our 100% Natural Jute is the perfect accessory for your living room, bedroom or kitchen! This trendy basket has been designed by the Dutch designer Miriam Catshoek and is easy to make for the starting and more experienced crocheter. You can crochet this basket with only 3 bobbins of Jute…

    • Hoooked Jute Crochet Wall Hanging Pattern

      49.4% $1.95$2.00 Original price was: $3.95.Current price is: $2.00.

      100% natural Jute gives your project a bulky and tough look. This wall hanger can fit perfectly in your garden or home! Jute is a sturdy 100% natural fiber and offers a wide range of crafty possibilities for indoor and outdoor projects. Its natural properties ensure a fully biodegradable final product. This cute wall hanger is designed by the dutch…

    • Knitting Techniques: Entrelac


      Whether knitted flat or in the round, entrelac is a great way to produce intriguing knitted pieces with a seemingly woven look. With clear step-by-step tutorials and illustrative images, this book explains the anatomy of entrelac and how to build up rows of nested triangles and squares. Practise the technique with the different swatch instructions before following one of the…

    • Magical Woodland Knits: Knitting Patterns for 15 Wonderfully Lifelike Animals


      Knit wonderfully lifelike animals with this magical collection of 15 toy knitting patterns. Readers will love this collection of knitting patterns for very lifelike animals based on the natural world. Nature lover and author Claire Garland has studied animals and birds in the environment around her home in rural Cornwall and designed this delightful collection of patterns based on the…

    • Mosaic Crochet: Modern Blankets in Love Overlay Mosaic


      Mosaic Crochet presents 15 creative projects for colourful crocheted blankets using different techniques and styles. From simple patterns to more elaborate ones, you will find beautiful blankets to crochet and snuggle under. They will also add colour to your home allowing you to be creative. and a mix of these two – in beautiful bright or soft colours. You can…

    • Mosaic Knitting Workshop: Modern Geometric Accessories for You and Your Home


      Mosaic knitting is an easy-to-learn technique that enables you to create beautiful, colorwork knitted projects in no time. This collection includes techniques, knitting patterns, and charts for mosaic knitting homewares and accessories, providing everything you need to get started with this exciting technique. Unlike other knitting colorwork techniques, mosaic knitting is beginner-friendly. If you can knit and purl, you can…

    • Patons Learn To Knit Book


      The Patons Learn to Knit Guidebook is an illustrated step-by-step publication produced especially for those who are new to knitting and want to learn more about this wonderful craft. New techniques are introduced with 19 easy ‘how-to’ instructions and illustrations to guide you. These are followed by simple and modern projects to practice the skills you learn, including sweaters, accessories…

    • Patons Summer Retreat Book #1321


      Patons summer retreat 15 patterns to knit or crochet

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