• Dyeing To Spin & Knit Book

      $ 27.47

      “Unapologetic” is how Felicia Lo always describes her obsession with color and craft. In Dyeing to Spin and Knit, Felicia, founder and creative director of SweetGeorgia Yarns and highly sought after teacher and lecturer, provides clear and accessible guidance for creating gorgeous hand-dyed yarns and spinning fibers and an understanding of how dyeing affects knitted yarn and handspun yarn. Fiber…

    • Silk Chiffon Edged

      $ 18.22

      Silk Chiffon 6 momi Edged, undyed 130cm x 44cm

    • 3.5 Silk Chiffon Edged

      $ 15.13

      pop Silk chiffon 3.5 momi 130 cm x 44cm Edged & undyed

    • Natural Indigo 75g

      13.5% $ 4.81$ 30.94 $ 35.75 $ 30.94

      Natural dye. This dye can be used for dyeing fibres, yarns, natural fibre fabrics and garments (both animal and plant-based fibres). Not intended for use with synthetic and artificial products. The colour obtained with this extract is blue but higher or lower concentrations of it or combinations with other dyes and/or dyeing stuff can give different shades. Made in Italy…

    • The Modern Natural Dyer

      $ 27.47

      The Modern Natural Dyer A Comprehensive Guide to Dyeing Silk, Wool, Linen, and Cotton at Home Thousands of natural materials can produce glorious color — the insect cochineal produces pink, maroon, and purple, and more than 500 species of plants produce indigo blue. Now, in The Modern Natural Dyer, expert Kristine Vejar shares the most user-friendly techniques for dyeing yarn,…

    • Botanical Inks: Plant-to-Print Dyes, Techniques and Projects

      $ 17.15

      Learn how to transform foraged wild plants, plants, garden produce, and recycled food into dyes and inks with Botanical Inks. The book shows you how to extract environmentally sustainable color from the landscape and use it to create natural dyes for textiles, clothing, paper, and other materials. Botanical Inks covers dyeing and surface application techniques, including bundle dyeing, Shibori tie-dyeing,…

    • Shibori: The art of indigo dyeing

      $ 20.59

      Learn the Japanese art of shibori, including tie-dyeing, folded, rolled and sewn techniques, using indigo dye. Then make one of the 25 projects using the fabric you have created. Shibori is the name for a range of dyeing techniques that have been practised in Japan for centuries. Using just plain white cloth and indigo dye, you can create a huge…

    • The Fabric & Yarn Dyers Handbook

      $ 20.59

      The Fabric and Yarn Dyer’s Handbook is for anyone who wants to create a unique textile or yarn to use in quilting, home furnishings, embroidery, knitting or crochet. This book contains detailed step-by-step instructions to all the main techniques for dyeing and decorating. These include traditional vat and tie-dying as well as innovative contemporary methods never published before, involving the…

    • Fast Fun & Easy Fabric & Yarn Dyeing

      22.2% $ 2.75$ 9.63 $ 12.38 $ 9.63

      Learn to Dye Fabric the Quick and Easy Way. 12 can’t-miss techniques for adding custom color to fabric, clothing, linens, and household goods. Fast! Lynn teaches you the techniques that produce rich results with minimal time and effort. Fun! Learn to create lots of exciting color blends, patterns, and textures. Easy! All you need to get started is this book,…

    • Ashford Rainbow Dye Kit – 3 Pack 10g

      $ 19.59

      Contains 3 primary colours – Scarlet, Blue and Yellow and one pot dyeing instructions. Enjoy this exciting kit and make all the colours of the rainbow. The one pot dye method produces all the colours in one cook up! 3x 10g 10g dyes 1kg of wool

    • Ashford Acid Dye 10g Black

      $ 6.15

      Ashford dyes are for all protein fibres. They are easy to use, safe and comply with Oeko-Tex Standard 100. The colours are clean and vibrant and very economic. Because they are 100% concentrate you only need 10g to dye 1kg of fibre. Use white vinegar to fix the dyes. Have fun creating your own colours. The dyes are safe and…

    • Ashford Dye Collection 12 pack

      $ 58.44

      The Ashford dyes are very easy to use and the colours are clear and bright. They are weak acid dyes so white vinegar can be used to fix the dyes making them suitable for the home dyer. The dyes are for wool, silk and other animal (protein) fibres and are fully concentrated with only 10gm (⅓oz) dyeing 1kg (2.2lbs) of…

    • Ashford Rainbow Dye Kit 3 pack 50g

      $ 46.41

      Contains 3 primary colours – Scarlet, Blue and Yellow and one pot dyeing instructions. Enjoy this exciting kit and make all the colours of the rainbow. Suitable for all protein fibres (wool, silk, alpaca) The one pot dye method produces all the colours in one cook up! 10g of dye dyes 1kg of wool. Scarlet – 50g Yellow – 50g…

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