Dye unique yarns and fibres with our supplies. Shop cold wool, cold cotton and acid dyes for fibre and wool dyeing!

    • Silk Voile Scarf Blank


      Silk Voile split from a roll in to scarf size, perfect for nuno felting 100% Silk 140cm x 40cm  

    • Silk Chiffon Scarf Blank


      Silk Chiffon split from a roll in to scarf size, perfect for nuno felting 100% Silk 140cm x 40cm  

    • Wool & Silk Scarf Undyed 150cm x 28cm


      37% Wool & 63% Silk 150cm x 28cm Perfect for dyeing

    • Mako Cotton Undyed 100g


      100% High quality Egyptian Mako Cotton Undyed 100g | 200m 8 Ply 22 sts / 30 rows Spun in Italy

    • Fibre Scour 500ml


      Fibre Scour has increased grease dispersing properties which removes the heavy lanolin grease in newly shorn wool. Fibre Scour is also suitable for alpaca & mohair giving clean fleece with bright colour. Fibre Scour leaves the fleece soft and clean, ready for spinning.

    • Alginate Thickener 50g


      50g Alginate thickener is for use with Wool, Silk and Cotton dyes. It can be used whenever you want to thicken dyes and use them more like a paint. You can brush the dyes on and they will stay where you put them. It can also be used for stamping, stencilling or silk screening the dyes. Sprinkle the thickener into warm water or liquid dye,…

    • Ashford Acid Dyes


      Ashford dyes are for all protein fibres. They are easy to use, safe and comply with Oeko-Tex Standard 100. The colours are clean and vibrant and very economic. Because they are 100% concentrate you only need 10g to dye 1kg of fibre. Use white vinegar to fix the dyes. Have fun creating your own colours.  The dyes are safe and…

    • Ashford Wool Dye Kit 3 pack Blue Yellow Scarlet 50g


      Contains 3 primary colours – Scarlet, Blue and Yellow and one pot dyeing instructions. Enjoy this exciting kit and make all the colours of the rainbow. Suitable for all protein fibres (wool, silk, alpaca) The one pot dye method produces all the colours in one cook up! 10g of dye dyes 1kg of wool. Scarlet – 50g Yellow – 50g…

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