Spinning, Weaving & Felting

Create beautiful handspun crochet and knitting yarn with our carded, hand dyed alpaca and sheep fiber ready for spinning.
Wool, alpaca and silk roving and tops, needle felting, weaving spinning, carding, dyeing supplies. Spinning wheels, weaving looms, drum and hand carders.

    • Extra Fine Merino Wool Roving 1kg – Madame Matisse


      Extra fine merino wool combed sliver 19 Micron 1kg Processed in Italy

    • 19 Micron Merino Wool Roving 1kg


      Extra fine merino wool combed sliver 1kg 19 Micron Processed in Italy

    • Cotton Roving Natural 100g


      Cotton tops (combed sliver) Natural white Processed in Italy

    • Mohair Roving 1kg


      Natural white mohair roving (combed sliver) 25 Micron 1kg Processed in Italy

    • Extra Fine Merino Wool Roving 1kg – Champs-Élysees


      Extra fine merino wool combed sliver 19 Micron 1kg Processed in Italy

    • Silk Chiffon Edged


      Silk Chiffon 6 momi Edged, undyed 130cm x 44cm

    • 3.5 Silk Chiffon Edged


      pop Silk chiffon 3.5 momi 130 cm x 44cm Edged & undyed

    • 14.5 Micron Merino Wool Roving 800g


      14.5 micron  merino wool tops (combed sliver) natural white. 1kg

    • Natural Indigo 75g


      Natural dye. This dye can be used for dyeing fibres, yarns, natural fibre fabrics and garments (both animal and plant-based fibres). Not intended for use with synthetic and artificial products. The colour obtained with this extract is blue but higher or lower concentrations of it or combinations with other dyes and/or dyeing stuff can give different shades. Made in Italy…

    • Extrafine Merino Wool Etamine


      Wool Etamine. Composition: 100% pure virgin wool (extra fine merino) Weight: 100 gr/mt. Width: 145 cm x 1 metre Made in Italy

    • Extrafine Merino Wool Gauze Undyed


      Undyed Wool Gauze Composition: 100% pure virgin wool (extra fine merino). Weight: 100 gr/mt. Width: 165 cm x 1 metre Made in Italy

    • Yak Roving Natural Light Brown 600g


      I Yak tops (combed sliver) 18 micron The Yak sliver is processed in Italy. 800g

    • Yak Roving Natural Brown 400g


      Yak tops (combed sliver). 18 micron The Yak sliver is processed in Italy.

    • Merino Wool Nepps 1kg


      Extra fine merino wool nepps 19 micron. Great for adding effects to felting, nuno felting, wet felting and more. 1kg

    • Yarnitecture


      Different from other spinning books, Yarnitecture is specially written for knitters who want to spin their own custom designed yarn to fit their project, beginning with a beautifully prepared fleece batt. Readers will learn how to match yarns with knitting patterns and how to re-create a commercial yarn, as well as how to combine commercial and hand spun yarns in…

    • Woven Scarves : 26 inspired designs for the Rigid Heddle Loom


      Explore and practice weaving techniques for fabulous scarves! Woven Scarves offers a collection of twenty-six scarves and variations that range in difficulty from advanced beginner to very complex. In highly approachable ways, authors Jane Patrick and Stephanie Flynn Sokolov introduce new weavers to a broad sampling of weaving techniques, exploring various ways of creating cloth on a rigid heddle loom.…

    • Spinner’s Book of Yarn Designs : The Techniques for Creating 80 Yarns


      Every good knitting project begins with great yarn. In the quest for one-of-a-kind fibres, many knitters and weavers have discovered the deep satisfaction of spinning one’s own. An art in itself, spinning requires an array of basic technical skills and decisions to produce a particular style of yarn. While knitters have long had stitch dictionaries to guide their hands, no…

    • The Spinners Book of Fleece


      As spinners, knitters, and weavers know, the characteristics of fleece – its structure, grease content, and fibre diameter – vary widely depending on the breed of sheep the fleece comes from. These factors are crucial when you’re deciding how to spin your fleece and use your finished yarn. In this comprehensive reference, Beth Smith presents a thorough overview of 100…

    • Simple Woven Garments : 20+ Projects to Weave and Wear


      Using Rigid heddle looms An ideal book for weavers who want to go beyond the scarf and start making garments, appealing to both the to newer weavers because of its simplicity and to seasoned weavers because of its patterns. Sewing, assembly, and finishing are explained in detail and the reader is encouraged to make each garment her own and alter…

    • Making Needle Felted Animals


      This book is an essential guide for anyone interested in the popular craft of needle-felting. Whether you are completely new to needle-felting or an experienced felter, this book has something to offer, from precise instructions to creative inspiration. Written by two authors, experienced in making and teaching crafts to students of all ages and abilities, instructions are easy to follow…

    • Wild & Tame Needlefelt Animals


      Lions, tigers, bears – why stop there? Wild & Tame Needlefelt Animals includes instructions for making all the different animal features. Put everything together to create more than 20 animals, both wild and tame – bunnies and kangaroos, giraffes and frogs, panda and chipmunks, cats and sheep, and more! Basic needle felting technique overview shows you how to get started…

    • Adorable Felted Animals


      These cute felted animals range from the wonderfully realistic to enchantingly adorable. Included in this book are: Beloved dogs such as Golden and Labrador retrievers, a Pug, a Poodle, and Dachshund and more Exotic cats, like the Siamese and Abyssinian Feathered friends such as the parakeet, cockatiel, lovebird and finch Other household companions like the ferret and hamster Outdoor dwellers…

    • How To Spin


      Expert Beth Smith teaches you everything you need to know to spin your own yarn, from choosing a spinning wheel to every stage of preparing your fiber, plying, winding off, and finishing. Fully illustrated step-by-step instructions make it simple and easy!

    • DIY Woven Art


      An alt twist on traditional wall hangings! Get crafty with DIY Woven Art! These 14 fabulous fiber art projects–from colorful pillows and rugs to dramatic wall hangings–will add a pop to any room in your house. No loom? No worries. Rachel Denbow shows you how to fabricate 3 simple, portable looms. DIY Woven Art also includes tips on customizing your…

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