• Ashford Katie Table 8 Shaft Loom


      The Katie Loom is the perfect multi harness loom for workshops, sampling, travel and fun. The Katie Loom comes assembled and lacquered. Includes: 2 lacquered 36cm shuttles, 10 dpi stainless steel reed, 320 texsolv heddles, threading hooks, step-by-step instruction booklet and sturdy padded carry bag. Just add yarn! Portable – easy to fold and pack Compact – 30cm weaving width…

    • Ashford Table Loom 4 Shaft


      Portable multishaft weaving Popular because they are portable, easy to use and so versatile.  The Ashford table looms are in demand with both beginner and experienced weavers. Available in three weaving widths 40, 60, 80cm wide. The four shaft looms fold flat, even with your weaving in place, making them ideal for taking to workshops or guild meetings. The overhead…

    • Merino Wool Roving 100gm


      100 grams – 22 Micron Merino wool is very soft with a closely spaced crimp.  You can spin a fine woollen yarn using the long draw or a worsted yarn using a short draw. Merino is ideal for super fine knitting, crochet and lacework. Ashford Merino sliver is a 100% New Zealand product with wool from pasture-fed sheep from our high country sheep stations. We…

    • KB All In One Knitting Loom


      Make socks, hats, scarves, small blankets and baby items. Pack includes: • All-n-One Loom • Instructions • 4 projects. • Single Knit • Double Knit • Socks It’s a knitting board, round loom and sock loom in one! This loom makes hats, socks, afghans, scarves, shawls, sweaters, rugs, baby items and much more. The knitting board uses all weight yarns…

    • Ashford Standard Bobbin


      Bobbin capacity: 100g (3-4oz) Compatibility – Traditional (single drive) – Traveller (single drive) – Joy (single drive) – Joy 2 (single drive) – Kiwi (single drive) – Kiwi 2 (single drive) – e-Spinner (single drive) Finish: natural

    • Ashford Elizabeth 2 Spinning Wheel


      Fairytale wheel This beautifully crafted wheel now has a large 61cm wheel with 12 spokes mounted on ball bearings for smooth effortless spinning. Horizontal adjustment of the maiden bar allows perfect alignment with the 3 speed whorl. The maiden bar clamps to the base to eliminate vibration. This Double drive wheel produces a fine, firm-twist yarn particularly suited for fine…

    • Ashford Country Spinner 2


      For big yarns This is a specialist wheel designed to spin extra bulky yarn used in rug weaving and chunky knitting or for plying bulk quantities. The orifice is extra large. The ball bearings and double treadle allows for an easy start and treadling. The slow drive ratios and sensitive leather flyer brake system are ideal for creating unique novelty…

    • Classic Drop Spindle


      So portable Spinners have been creating yarn with drop spindles for millennia and we have a wide range of styles from which to choose. All are made from Silver beech hard wood. Our popular bottom whorl spindle with removable whorl and unique wire hook. take wherever you go affordable solid Silver beech hardwood

    • Clover Needle Felting Tool Refill – Heavy


      These needles are specifically used for Clover’s Needle Felting Tool  and Clover’s Pen Style Needle Felting Tool. 5 barb needles per pack. Gauge 36

    • Clover Needle Felting Tool Refill – Fine


      These needles are specifically used for Clover’s Needle Felting Tool  and Clover’s Pen Style Needle Felting Tool. 5 barb needles per pack. Gauge 40.

    • Alpaca Roving 100gm


      Super soft 100g Natural White Alpaca roving, perfect for blending and spinning. 21.5 micron

    • Ashford Blending Board


      Blend fabulous fibres in your favourite colours and create beautiful rolags for spinning on the Ashford Blending board. Rotating and adjustable keel Large 12″ x 12″ carding area 108 point card cloth Convenient carry handle Blending brush and two dowel rods for drafting and removing the rolags * This item will be sent via DHL Express from Ashford NZ, arriving within…

    • Wide Drum Carder


      Card and blend fibres and colours quickly and efficiently. This new model has even more flexibility and control when carding and blending. The controlled intake and carding will produce a smooth even batt ready for blending, spinning or felting. Adjustable drum clearance – allows you to set the teeth distance for total control of your fibre. All nylon bearings ensure…

    • Ashford Wild Drum Carder


      Make unique blends for art yarn The Wild carder has been specifically designed for today’s fabulous, fun and funky art yarns. The extra long 72 point teeth allow you to include differing fibres, fabric, ribbons, feathers, paper and novelties to create unique blends. The packer brush is adjustable and will control fine, low-crimp fibres and increase the size of the…

    • Ashford Felting Board


      Felting board in solid Silver Beech hardwood with unique curved felting grooves. Designed to speed up the felting process by providing a firm base with added friction. The curved grooves allow the soapy water to flow as you rub. Oiled to protect the wood surface. fast felting with curved grooves durable Silver Beech hard wood oil finish 48 x 23cm…

    • Ashford Joy 2 Spinning Wheel & Carry Bag Set


      Ready to go – portable – 4 ratios – assembled and lacquered – carry bag accessory This compact wheel is light weight (5kg) and portable with folding treadle, built-in lazy kate and carry handle. Fold and go ? it can be carried easily in cars, as carry-on luggage in planes (check with your airline first as this varies from aircraft…

    • Skeiner 2


      Tensioned and adjustable. Holds or makes skeins from 1-2m • Make or hold a variety of skein lengths with the adjustable, lock-in pegs. • Adjustable tension guides to suit a wide range of yarn from fine to bulky art yarns. • Smooth, effortless winding on nylon bearings. • Holds up to 1.5kg of yarn. Lacquered * This item will be…

    • Kiwi Super Flyer Kit


      The Kiwi Super Flyer comes as a kit and is and super easy to install on any Kiwi. The kit includes everything from the maiden bar up, so you only need to undo one bolt when you want to swap. The Kiwi Super Flyer has a huge 27mm orifice and has awesome new free-flow yarn guides on a sliding hook…

    • Merino & Silk Wool Roving 100gm


      100gm A sumptuous fibre blend in 15 beautiful random colour ways, 4 new to the collection, made from 80% New Zealand merino and 20% silk. The fine 22 micron merino and the lustre of the silk makes this a truly luxurious blend. Create fine, lacy and lightweight yarn for knitting or unique semi-worsted yarns for weaving.



          No thread or glue needed. Clover Felting Needle Tool consists of five barbed needles that catch the wool fibres and push them into the base fabric to create your design.

    • Clover Needle Felting Pen


          This tool allows application of small or delicate materials using, 1. 2 or 3 needles. The tool can be adjusted to 2 lengths of needle sizes for Felting moulds and 3D felting designs. Use with the Felting Needle Mat, small and large available.

    • Corridale Wool Roving – 100g – Natural Fusion


      27-30 micron The Corriedale sheep is found on sheep farms all over New Zealand. It’s wool has a clear even crimp and is smooth and easy to spin or felt. The sheep are well cared for and are not mulesed. Spin a fine to medium woollen, worsted or semi-worsted yarn. Corriedale will bulk after washing and has good elasticity. It…

    • Rainbow Dyed English Leicester 100g


      Micron 38-40, Staple length approx. 17.5cm (7ins). A beautiful high lustre wool with a well defined crimp ideal for medium to thick yarns. Ideas for Use:  Spinning – Open the fibre out and spin a soft single thread. Ply with a fine cotton, silk or commercial woollen thread to strengthen the yarn for knitting. The fine thread will be almost…

    • Corriedale Wool Roving 100g

      91.7% $11.00$1.00 $1.00$12.00

      Corriedale wool has a defined, even crimp and is smooth and easy to spin or felt. You can spin a fine to medium woollen, worsted or semi-worsted yarn. Corriedale will bulk after washing and has good elasticity. It is ideal for baby  wear, woven, knitted or crocheted garments. Ashford Corriedale sliver is a 100% New Zealand product with wool from pasture-fed sheep. We know…

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