My felted Friends – Mia Underwood


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Mia Underwood’s irresistible needle-felted animals will appeal to crafters everywhere. Using needle-felting techniques she shows you the easy way to craft 35 adorable creatures from scratch. The felted friends can be given as toys to your children, as gifts to friends, or simply used to adorn your home. Many can easily be made into attractive brooches or ornaments. In chapter 1 you’ll find the most perfect pets, from the gorgeous pug puppy and curious cat, to the super-cute hamster and rabbit.

Create your own aviary in chapter 2 with the felted robin, sparrow, and dove or opt for Charlie chicken, or the teeny-tiny penguin. There is some wonderful wildlife in chapter 3, from the doe-eyed deer and Barry the badger, to the furry fox and bear. In chapter 4, head into the wild for the super-cute lion and polar bear cubs, plus Zoe the zebra and the adorable baby elephant. The projects are designed for beginners and experienced crafters alike. As you follow Mia Underwood’s step-by-step instructions, you will be amazed at how quickly you can create something wonderful from your felting wool that will delight your children and impress your friends.

Introduction    p. 6
Materials    p. 8
Techniques    p. 9
Into the wild    p. 24
Panda power    p. 26
Lord lion    p. 29
Big-eared elephant    p. 32
Handsome zebra    p. 36
Cute cub    p. 39
Gorgeous giraffe    p. 42
Stripy tiger cub    p. 46
Orang-utan baby    p. 49
Furry bear cub    p. 52
On the wing    p. 54
Red robin    p. 56
Diving duck    p. 58
Sweet sparrow    p. 62
Bright blue tit    p. 64
Colorful parrot    p. 67
Cheerful chicken    p. 70
Teeny-tiny penguin    p. 72
Into the Woods    p. 74
Bashful Badger    p. 76
Little Hedgehog    p. 78
Wide-eyed owl    p. 80
Cheeky squirrel    p. 83
Little lamb    p. 86
Mister Fox    p. 88
Bear hugs    p. 92
Doe-eyed deer    p. 94
Perfect pets    p. 96
Dinky dachshund    p. 98
Curious cat    p. 101
Happy hamster    p. 104
Perfect pony    p. 106
Super-cute yorkie    p. 109
Cool cat brooch    p. 112
Faithful spaniel    p. 114
Playful kitten    p. 116
Pug puppy    p. 119
Dashing dog brooch    p. 122
Beautiful bunny    p. 124
Templates and Suppliers    p. 127
Index and Acknowledgments    p. 128

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