• Classic Bluebell 5 Ply #1302

      52.5% $9.95$9.00 $18.95 $9.00

      8 designs for women in bluebell 5 ply

    • Panda Our Favourite Knits Book

      73.3% $11.00$4.00 $15.00 $4.00

      Knitting & Crochet  

    • Cute Dogs: Craft Your Own Pooches

      73.3% $21.95$8.00 $29.95 $8.00

      The Cute Dogs craft features 16 of the most popular breeds. Each page contains full color pictures featuring each dog in their favorite pose and pictures of all the lovable canine models. Each dog has a separate page of easy-to-follow instructions, so you can finally have as many dogs as you want. *sewing* Dogs Included: Boston Terrier Chihuahua Pomeranian Labrador…

    • Cute Pups: Canine Friends and Accessories

      73.3% $21.95$8.00 $29.95 $8.00

      The Cute Dogs series’ second installment will feature full color pictures of each dog along with short stories and crafting accessories for each pooch. The Cute Dogs series is for dog lovers and crafters alike. Geared towards more advanced crafters, this series provides clear, easy-to-follow instructions loaded with full-color pictures of the doggie dolls. With a vibrant personality to each…

    • Creative Family & Home Knit & Crochet


      8 designs to knit or crochet for you and your home.

    • Cleckheaton First Sweater Pattern

      46.7% $3.50$4.00 $7.50 $4.00

      Cleckheaton First Sweater Country Wide 1008 is an easy to knit sweater pattern, perfect for your first try at knitting a sweater. Knitted in Cleckheaton Country Wide 14 ply. You can use any 14 ply yarn

    • Patons Cute Crochet 4 Ply

      32% $4.00$8.50 $12.50 $8.50

      4 super easy Granny Square designs 4ply crochet  

    • Patons Crochet Summer Time Top

      66.7% $4.00$2.00 $6.00 $2.00

      Patons Crochet Summer Time Top 8 ply

    • Patons Seaside Tots Pattern Book

      52% $6.50$6.00 $12.50 $6.00

      5 cute seaside inspired designs in knit or crochet

    • An Encyclopedia of Ribbon Embroidery, Birds, Butterflies, and blossoms

      42.9% $6.00$8.00 $14.00 $8.00

      An Encyclopedia of Ribbon Embroidery, Birds, Butterflies, and Blossoms by Deanna Hall West. Contents: Introduction, Ribbon Embroidery Basics, Using the Designs, Ribbon Embroidery Stitches, Ribbon Color Conversion Key, Front Cover Stitching Key, Color Section Stitching Guides, Birds, Butterfly’s, Blossoms, Critters.

    • Arm Knitting Book

      54.9% $21.95$18.00 $39.95 $18.00

      Using chunky yarns and your arms instead of needles, Arm Knitting shows you how to create beautiful knits in no time at all. With 30 no-needle projects for you and your home, Arm Knitting is the ideal guide to this quick knitting technique. Try knitting projects including scarves, hats, curtains, rugs, and even a hammock to brighten up your home.…

    • Felting For Baby Book

      46.6% $13.95$16.00 $29.95 $16.00

      Every item is a little sweeter when it’s made with materials that are just right, and the soft, warm, and durable nature of wool felt makes it the perfect material for the little ones in your life. The twenty-five felted projects in this book—from soft play mats and warm wool vests to snuggly teddy bears and cozy baby booties—will add…

    • Noro Romance Pattern Book Kureopatora

      59.1% $13.00$9.00 $22.00 $9.00

      Noro Romance by Jenny WatsonA stunning collection of garments and accessories to knit 12 bright and beautiful knitted Projects for Him and for Her Including:     Cardigans    Jackets    Sweaters    Tops    Hats  

    • Koel Magazine Issue 3

      36.6% $10.95$19.00 $29.95 $19.00

      KOEL Heads North The KOEL team heads north for our summer issue. We bring you a fusion of Scandinavian and Asian influences as we reminisce good memories of our time in Singapore, while celebrating the Nordic summer in our new studio. In Issue 3, we pay tribute to the beauty of Danish furniture and it’s perfect fit with yarn crafting,…

    • Patons Modern Crochet 4 & 8ply #1316

      33.3% $6.00$12.00 $18.00 $12.00

      12 modern crochet projects for you and your home. The designs are crocheted in either 4ply or 8ply yarn Bedspread, pram cover, bucket bag, Polka Dot rug, ladies Granny Square jacket and lots more.

    • Patons Crochet Cuties Babies & Kids #1102

      33.3% $6.00$12.00 $18.00 $12.00

      10 crochet designs for babies and little girls using Regal 4 ply cotton, Cotton Blend 8 ply and Big Baby 4 & 8 ply Designs include tops, ponchos, hat, dummy savers, blanket and cushion cover Ages 0 – 4 years

    • Patons Summer Retreat Book #1321

      33.3% $6.00$12.00 $18.00 $12.00

      Patons summer retreat 15 patterns to knit or crochet

    • Patons Crochet 8 Ply Tank

      71.4% $5.00$2.00 $7.00 $2.00

      Crochet 8 Ply

    • Panda Crafternoon Knitting & Crochet book

      33.3% $6.00$12.00 $18.00 $12.00

      Crafternoon from Panda features 23 Unique projects in knitting, crochet, felting & embroidery. Tea cosies, string bag, dog coat, teddy, throw rugs and lots more. A great fun book!

    • Cosy Throws & Rugs Knit & Crochet

      33.3% $6.00$12.00 $18.00 $12.00

      11 Designs to knit or crochet. Please see images for quantities for each pattern. 1. Crochet Throw and Cushion Cover (Patons Gigante) 2. Knit Throw & Cushion Cover (Patons Gigante) 3. Crochet Plaid Throw and Cushion (Country 8 ply, California 8 ply) 4. Garter Stripe Throw (Patons Jet 12 ply) 5. Cushion Cover (Country 8 ply) 6. Hexagon & Triangle…

    • Cleckheaton California Book #978

      72.2% $13.00$5.00 $18.00 $5.00

      12 Designs using cleckheation california 8ply

    • Peter Pan 4ply Crochet Dress


      Peter Pan 4ply Crochet Dress

    • 8ply Lace Panel Knitted Top


      Finished Size:    To Fit Bust: 81cm/32in to 107cm/42in Needles Required:    2.00mm & 4.00mm 6 – 100gm 8ply balls needed Use any 8ply yarn

    • Naturally 4ply Beanie & Jumper Pattern


      Newborn – 18 Months 4ply 4 Ply

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