Ashford Kiwi 2 Spinning Wheel




Great value
This is an excellent beginner wheel due to its easy
learning ratios, double treadle and affordable price. The double treadle
and ball bearings allow for easy treadling and “hands-free” start.
Treadles are mounted on polyurethane hinges for a smooth, quiet and
comfortable heel-toe action. The stretchy drive cord does not require
any adjustment as you change from one ratio to another and always
maintains the correct tension. The scotch tension allows easy control of
the drafting process. The central flyer is convenient for right and
left-handed spinners. The wheel is easy and quick to assemble with the
Allen key supplied and the robust construction makes this an ideal wheel
for individuals, schools and clubs. The wheel itself is made of MDF, a
high-density durable wood product that can be painted or decorated.

This wheel will be shipped to you directly from Ashford NZ.

– affordable
– easy learning ratios
– perfect starter wheel
– double treadle


45cm (17½”)

1cm (⅜”)

70cm (27.75″)

130g (4-5oz)

single drive

5.5, 7.25

double treadle

5.5kg (12lb)


3 large 90mm (3½”) bobbins, built-in lazy kate, threading hook, learn to spin booklet.

natural, lacquered

Additional information

Weight 8.00000000 kg
Dimensions 80.00000000 x 50.00000000 x 50.00000000 cm



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