Knitting & Crochet Accessories

    • Sullivans Split Ring Markers


      Use these stitch markers or place markers to mark a certain number of stitches, the start of a round, or where to make a stitch. Easy to slip on and off. Pack of 24 small and large

    • Birch Needle Gauge


      Measure the size of needles 2.00mm – 10.00mm

    • Metal Yarn Threader 2pk


      For threading needlepoint and tapestry yarn needles quickly and easily. 2pk

    • Birch Sewing Starter Kit


      Kit Includes: 21.5cm Scissors 30 Assorted Hand Needles Compact 150cm tape measure Sewing & Knitting Gauge Tracing Wheel Tomato Pin Cushion, with emery sharpener Metal Thimble 100 Pins Needle threader

    • Knitters Needle Gauge 2 – 10 mm


      Knitters Needle Gauge 2 – 10 mm Plastic

    • Birch Tatting Shuttle


      This Birch Tatting Shuttle With 2 Bobbins

    • Row Counters 2PK


      Two row counters Small & Large

    • Stitch Holders 3pk


      Small, Medium & Large stitch holders 3pk

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